Lekker Stuff Story 

Lekker Stuff started as a passion project. I had badly injured my wrist and I didn’t want to go down the usual road where I would be put on a cocktail of painkillers that would probably do more harm than good in the long run. Coming across CBD (Cannabidiol), which is derived from the hemp plant, was a game-changer. I was a little nervous but I took the leap of faith and got reading and started treating my injury.

What I found: The ligament tears in my wrist were severe and everyday chores became difficult. I was struggling to sleep, the swelling was bad and this made me very stressed and nervous. At 60, especially, my body required a lot more time to heal than when I was 20! For the magic to happen, I needed high-quality rest and the reduction of cortisol (our stress hormone). Taking CBD twice a day relaxed me and calmed me. I slept better and the inflammation started to go down which gave me flexibility and mobility in my wrist for the first time in weeks!

As I learnt more about this marvellous molecule, I understood how it was beneficial for so many more ailments. Hemp is incredible! It is high in protein and other nutrients, it can be used in textiles and building materials and that’s where you can get CBD. When it comes to anything related to hemp there is always a lot of noise out there and fake news. Especially because it’s related to the marijuana plant- you know “weed”, “dagga”, “mary-jane”. I wanted to find a product that gave me all of these healing properties of CBD without any of the “high”. I found a local manufacturer and we created a CBD oil that is powerful and has 0% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the stuff that gets you high. Added to that, we made sure that it stayed pure, therefore our oil has no added flavours, artificial colours or preservatives. Simply put, it’s Lekker Stuff.

South Africa’s 1st CBD Infused Chocolate Having chocolate as a passion I decided why not bring the health benefits of dark chocolate and CBD together in one delicious chocolate bar…That’s exactly what we did! Since then, Lekker Stuff has been growing and refining our CBD range. Be it for people or pets, we want you to FEEL LEKKER!